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Plockmatic RCT




Guillotine with twist, cleavage and blood cut. The Plockmatic RCT Rotate Crease Trim unit provides bleed creased and trimmed booklets. The rotator function allows you to print small sheets in the most efficient way.

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The Plockmatic RCT Rotate Crease Trim unit provides professional-looking, full-bleed creased and trimmed booklets on the BLM50/35. The rotator function allows small sheets to be printed in the most efficient way (long edge feeding), maximizing the productivity of the solution, allowing customers to take full advantage of the potential of the print engines.

  • This equipment must be connected to a printer
  • All automatic settings.
  • Maximum document format: 320 x 4570 mm.
  • Minimum document format: 206 x 275 mm.
  • Paper weight: 64-350 g.
  • Minimum cutout 5+5 = 10 mm / 0.39”
  • Maximum cutout 30+30 = 60 mm / 2.36”
  • Asymmetrical cutout: Yes